Our Story

Laura set up Choice Entertainments over 25 years ago and very quickly was at the helm of one of the most respected and successful agencies in Essex. To this day acts approach Laura and actively want to join the roster which has allowed Choice to be considered the go to organisation in Essex and the surrounding area.

By contrast, Darren started out as a performing act on the road over 30 years ago, working alongside some of the industries household names over his tenure. Live Promotions came about as a result of Darren's extremely professional approach to the business and his private clients which led them to trust his advice and judgement in building on their own entertainment needs, Live Promotions was born.

Darren & Laura have worked closely together for close to 20 years both as act and agent as well as collaborating on numerous events and projects which has ultimately brought us to this point. "Choice Live" is the merging of two extremely successful businesses in their own right, bringing together the best resources and industry experience,  to create the best agency in the South East of the country

Laura's passion for the business combined with Darren's knowledge and business experience actually performing day to day for our clients places us in the unique and perfect position to work effectively with all of our venues.

Our clients are our friends, there is a mutual respect at all times for what we are all trying to achieve together. Regardless of what bumps we encounter, and there are always a few, we manage to navigate our way and keep our clients, and their businesses maximising their potential with the help of top quality entertainment for their customers.

We hope that many more venues will come to experience working with us over the coming years and Choice Live moves both existing companies to the next level